Why Klaviyo?

Email is an essential part of eCommerce, and to do it well, you need the best platform.


Easy to Use

Email marketing can be confusing. Klaviyo makes running successful campaigns with intelligent segmentation easy.


Effortless Automations

Klaviyo comes with essential flows built in to improve your ROI, save time, and help increase revenue on autopilot.


Intelligent Segmentation

Using your eCommerce store data, Klaviyo creates dynamic segmentation based on a range of behaviours and data points, helping you create personalized messages to drive more conversions.


Smart Sending

Klaviyo will only send emails according to a threshold you set, automatically removing a customer from an email send if they’ve heard from you too recently.


Deep Shopify Integration

Shopify’s preferred email partner is Klaviyo and the eCommerce platform invested $100 million into Klaviyo in August 2022.


Always Learning

With over 900m+ profiles to draw from, Klaviyo uses machine learning to provide predictive insights to help shape and improve your marketing strategy.


Real-Time Analytics

Visualize your email marketing data so you can track metrics and measure and adjust to get the results you need.


Focus on Deliverability

Protecting your sender's reputation and deliverability is key. Monitor key metrics using Klaviyo to make sure your deliverability is on track.


Simple A/B Testing

Klaviyo has A/B testing built in. Automate these tests to a small section of your list and automatically send the winning email to the rest of your list, driving more conversions and increasing revenue.


Common Sense Pricing

Instead of charging you by the size of your list, Klaviyo charges you based on the number of email addresses you send to in a month.

Powerful Technology needs Great Strategy

Klaviyo is our preferred email platform for driving massive growth. But email marketing performance will only be as good as the strategy behind it. 

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