Our Mission

Helping e-commerce brands create an ultimate shopping experience.

Our Vision

Creating connection and trust in a digital space.

Hello! Hello! I'm Debbie

I'm passionate about helping e-commerce brands grow their revenue, retain and attract customers with powerful marketing strategies.

For over two decades, I have been a trailblazing marketing leader at the cutting edge of technology. I co-founded the first social media storytelling company in Canada in 2008, and I have since served as a marketing executive for some of Canada's most prominent brands. This long-term experience has provided me with a profound understanding of all types of marketing and insight into current trends and data.

Marketing is always changing, and I love helping brands navigate the ever-changing landscape. I offer e-commerce Marketing Growth Strategies for all stages of growth.

My offerings are designed to help eCommerce brands make more money and get closer to their customer.

I’m a perfect blend of heart and performance.

Great Companies I've Worked With

Brand Closes to their Customer Wins

Own Your Customer. It’s your list, so it’s your customer. No third-party platform can take that away from you.

Revenue. Email automation can boost your revenue by an astounding 30%.

Repeatable Sales. A returning customer spends nearly 3x more than a one-time customer.

Consistent. Regular communication keeps you close to your customer helping build lasting brand loyalty.

Personalized. The right message, at exactly the right time, will create incredible results.

Measured. Everything is measurable so there’s no guesswork when you take action to improve your metrics.

Affordable. Cheaper than paid ads, and more reliable than social media, email is the channel with the highest ROI.

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Highly-personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns give you an ROI unheard of with social media.

Guided By Our Values

We Care

Good businesses are filled with heart. We’re passionate about building heartfelt relationships with you and your customers.

We Innovate

Never be a step behind. We’re on top of leading trends and emerging technologies so our customers remain at the top of their eCommerce game.

We Inspire

Reimagining and challenging the possible sparks change. Inspiration is everywhere, we aim to channel that through our business and for our clients.