Digital Marketing Services

Get Customers

Are you having trouble turning website visitors into buyers, or struggling to retain customers after their initial purchase? Let us help you optimize your entire customer journey and increase conversions from acquisition to retention.

  • Audit your customer journey touchpoints
  • Identify areas for improvement in conversions
  • Recommend tools to enhance customer shopping experience and inspire the buy

Keep Customers

The Retention Roadmap Plan ensures a positive customer journey and ongoing engagement post-sale. Building customer loyalty and driving repeat business for sustained growth and profitability is a MUST.

  • Craft a customer journey
  • Develop personalized pre & postpurchase communication strategies to keep customers engaged and informed
  • Implement tailored retention tactics to build strong, lasting relationships with customers
  • Monitor + analyze customer behavior to optimize the retention strategy over time

Grow Customers

Maximize your e-commerce potential with our digital ad services. We'll set you up so you grow your customer base, increase brand awareness, engage with customers, drive website traffic, and boost sales.

  • Develop a Meta/Google targeted ad strategy
  • Develop high-converting creative
  • Create SEO plan
  • Continuously track and optimize acquisition plan

"dc digital x opened our eyes to the possibilities of email marketing. Highly recommended!"

— Lisa K.

"Our strategy highlighting what we were doing well, what needed improvement, and where the many opportunities lay. It was well thought out, insightful..."

— -Lisa K.

* We customize your plans based on your needs and wants 

The Digital X Method


Conversion Audit


Conversion Strategy


Guide Team into Action


Resulting in Conversion and Retention

An astounding 69% of carts are abandoned

Win them back with email automation

Ecommerce Marketing Lingo


By triggering email sequences based on customer behaviour, you can drive more revenue into your eCommerce store. Cart abandonment campaigns drive 69% more orders.


Serve your customer better and create higher engagement by dividing your email list into groups. Use the right messaging to target them with offers, recommend products, and provide more of what they love.


Personalized messages create more meaningful and stronger connections. Personalized subject lines receive a 50% higher open rate.

List Building

Having the right strategy to capture leads is vital. Unlike other marketing channels, you own your email list. It’s an invaluable asset that should be developed and nurtured.


Create consistent email sending habits to maintain deliverability in your customer’s inbox so you know your message is reaching them and you’re staying at the top of their minds.

SMS Programs

Build on your email strategy and create higher engagement with personalized messages. SMS has shown to have a click-through-rate of up to 35%.


Gamify and create engagement by rewarding loyalty. Offer quizzes, contests, referral bonuses on more to expand your reach.